It’s a grounded artisan vocation passed down from four generations that expresses with its own handcrafted work an authentic and deep passion.


This vocation renders and mould with experience and knowledge the natural material par excellence, the wood, enhancing it at its best. Doors, windows, floors, kitchens, furniture, custom-made furnishings, restoration, stairs, rustic, modern or in style works; a continuous research for everyday improvement. It’s the history of yesterday, today and tomorrow and of traditions and knowledge to be handed down from father to son.


A journey that lasts a century beginning with Valtorta Giuseppe who moved in mid nineteenth century from Soncino in Lombardy to Canale with his brother and his sister. Here, Giuseppe and Rosa gave birth to Francesco who follows his father footsteps working as carpenter and cooper for the prestigious wine cellar based in Canale Enrico Serafino (Serafin) who exported already at the beginning of the Twentieth Century his wines all over Europe.


At the same time Francesco opens a workshop where he made furniture, barrels and doors for his clients. Francesco and Catterina gave birth to Osvaldo and Franco who leave the barrels and vats production to start the furniture business. In 1969 a partnership arises with the French architect Savin Couelle and it endures still now, with him the Valtorta family collaborate to the architectural development of the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia.


Today in the carpenter's shop Franco and his sons Marco and Francesco run the business. In a century many things have changed, evolved and progressed, but the passion for the wood remains the same.


Valtorta carpenter's shop is craftsmanship, technology, passion and environment.





Falegnameria Valtorta snc

di Valtorta Franco & Figli

Corso Alba 22 - 12043 Canale (CN)

Tel. 0173.95575

P.IVA 00560010043


mail: info@falegnameriavaltorta.com


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Falegnameria Valtorta snc di Valtorta Franco & Figli   Corso Alba 22 - 12043 Canale (CN)    Tel. 0173.95575    P.IVA 00560010043        info@falegnameriavaltorta.com